SWIIM provides a comprehensive report throughout the crop season and a closing of the crop water budget at the conclusion of the year showing where every drop of water has been placed – from applied to consumed. This allows you to balance your water budget like you would your bank accounts. This comprehensive approach to data processing and its internal quality assurance methods make the data an effective “audit trail” as it relates to every drop of your agricultural water usage. This provides fiduciaries the support information to show to stakeholders where water is being used – applied as well as consumed, and can validate assumptions such as anticipated irrigation efficiencies through a third-party independent audit.

This data can be used internally by decision-makers, or released to the public (at the client’s option) to provide additional confirmation of efficient water use. The process provides for third-party, independent auditing of projected, versus actual crop water usage and shows exactly where the controllable “water overage” is occurring, if any. SWIIM also is designed to prevent participants from “gaming the system” by providing a clear reporting of delivered and consumed water from all approved sources (including precipitation) to each participating producer’s respective operation and the irrigation district or other administrative group.

Easy-to-navigate, customized dashboard for optimizing and managing agricultural water rights.

Multi-dimensional combination data sources to provide near real-time confirmation of crop-water budgets.

Used in conjunction with instrumentation to monitor crop-water budgets
more accurately.

An independent, third-party, quality-checked and audited confirmation of crop-water budgets.

Real-time monitoring and verification of your saved water usage and an integrated management tool.

The SWIIM team will consult with the grower to deliver optimized water use and increased profits.

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