SWIIM is a full turn-key solution – a crop planning, optimization, water management, monitoring and reporting toolset. The dashboard provides a “mission control center” where delivery and consumption can be analyzed near-real-time.  Customized in a way that works for you.  Configure automated reported to be provided to a governmental agency, or set alarm conditions to notify you by text, email or bilingual phone call to changing conditions in the field.  If you exceed your pre-determined water budget, you can be notified immediately.

SWIIM utilizes multi-patented, easy-to-navigate software for planning, optimizing and managing agricultural water rights held by irrigation districts, ditch companies, Native American communities or local agricultural cooperatives. SWIIM enables agricultural water rights owners to capture the economic benefits of managing water application with peak efficiency. SWIIM software models best practices to optimize water use and tracks savings within all elements of the crop water budget on an aggregated (system-wide) basis.

Here are images of our dashboard which includes direct connection to grower/field level or district-wide flow and consumption data. Also available are comprehensive, customized reports including delivery, water balance and remote-sensed information used to calibrate climatic sensors.

Delivery Data
ET Data
Delivery Report

Easy-to-navigate, customized dashboard for optimizing and managing agricultural water rights.

Multi-dimensional combination data sources to provide near real-time confirmation of crop-water budgets.

Used in conjunction with instrumentation to monitor crop-water budgets
more accurately.

An independent, third-party, quality-checked and audited confirmation of crop-water budgets.

Real-time monitoring and verification of your saved water usage and an integrated management tool.

The SWIIM team will consult with the grower to deliver optimized water use and increased profits.

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