SWIIM Certification™

Certified Water Sustainability

When you see the SWIIM Certified™ logo on a sign in a field, on a grower’s product in the store, on their website, on a certificate in their office or elsewhere, you know that item was grown with the upmost respect for water sustainability efforts.  SWIIM Certification™ is an independent, third-party confirmation of crop-water budgets. SWIIM only certifies product produced from a SWIIM water balance-monitored field.  Many growers claim to be committed to conserving water. SWIIM quantifies this commitment by giving participating growers audited data to ensure that they are meeting their water sustainability goals.

Our full-time quality assurance department tracks participating grower’s data as it comes in throughout the season in the form of a weekly provisional report and ultimately provides a year-end, audited report at the conclusion of each crop season. These audited reports allow SWIIM to back these growers commitment  to water sustainability in their respective communities being good stewards of their water resources. They submit to intense monitoring of their fields of both applied and consumed water.  They also receive detailed irrigation efficiency reporting each week and work with our team to improve their irrigation methods. Assuming a grower qualifies, we will approve the grower to use this certification on their product and in their marketing materials.

This process can also allow for ease of state and district water use reporting and exceeds the data required in most regions. SWIIM also has the power to identify, quantify and monitor a whole new “bucket” of water not previously considered by most for conservation of on-farm water allotments.

Easy-to-navigate, customized dashboard for optimizing and managing agricultural water rights.

Multi-dimensional combination data sources to provide near real-time confirmation of crop-water budgets.

Used in conjunction with instrumentation to monitor crop-water budgets
more accurately.

An independent, third-party, quality-checked and audited confirmation of crop-water budgets.

Real-time monitoring and verification of your saved water usage and an integrated management tool.

The SWIIM team will consult with the grower to deliver optimized water use and increased profits.

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