Agricultural Water Treatment Solutions

We provide remediation for fouled systems and maintenance solutions for keeping your micro-irrigation system investment running in peak condition.

Our Services Include

  • System troubleshooting
  • Free in-depth water analysis
  • Installation of system injection pump
  • End of year/pre-irrigation reconditioning (1 or 2 part system shock) of micro/drip irrigation systems
  • Emergency reconditioning (shock treatment) to clean out a fouled system from root intrusion, particulate matter, algae and/or calcium buildup
  • Provide a maintenance program to maintain system
  • Reservoir shocks
  • Monthly site visits, system audit and report
  • Filter valve troubleshooting
  • Distribution uniformity testing
  • Water budgeting

What We Do

Using our proprietary BioDrip technology, our water treatment experts, develop a plan specifically for your operation.

AvidWater offers an extensive line of maintenance and remediation products and services for your micro-irrigation system.

With a completed water analysis, our team of experts will guide you in choosing the best products for your unique water treatment needs.

Contact our experts to discuss your specific project details and learn how our water treatment solutions can help you meet your goals.

Maintenance & Services

A fouled system must be cleaned before any preventative maintenance can begin.  All organic and/or inorganic deposits must be removed throughout the irrigation system during the remediation process.  

This critical first step will improve system efficiency immediately, preparing the platform for a successful preventative maintenance program and maximize crop yields.

Irrigation line treatment for fouled systems can include a shock cleaning specifically designed to removed entrenched contaminates.  There are many types of system fouling that can occur:

  • Mineral scaling and buildup – calcium, bicarbonate, iron and manganese
  • Biological fouling and buildup – bacteria, algae, etc.

Follow Up Maintenance Program

Once the remediation treatment has proven successful, it is recommended to continue with a maintenance program to manage risks for further system fouling. Our maintenance solutions are based on water type/source and the associated plugging/fouling risk.
Treatments are low dose and run by continuously dosing the solution to modify the water chemistry to keep the system running at peak performance. Our maintenance solutions for the following water conditions are below.
Typical Micro-Irrigation System Issues:
  • Algae, bacteria growth in micro-irrigation systems
  • Mineral scale and calcium buildup, plugging from iron and manganese
  • Algae, bacteria growth in ponds and reservoirs

Distribution Uniformity

Distribution Uniformity (DU) measures how evenly irrigation water, and in many instances, chemicals are applied through an irrigation system onto a field.

While a DU of 1.00 would be ideal, economic considerations make this unattainable. A target DU of > .92 on a drip irrigation system is accepted as an excellent design.

While many irrigation systems are designed with a DU above .90, most systems operating for even short periods will typically see their DU numbers drop below .80. A main factor causing a dramatic reduction can be emission device plugging.

A DU below .75 directly leads to more water and chemical use and could result in a lesser crop.

Our services keep you at the high end of distribution uniformity.

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