Irrigation as a service

All the expert insights of our Water Management Services program PLUS full oversight of your Irrigation Scheduling Operations

Effective water management is crucial to optimizing crop yield and reducing water consumption. AvidWater offers various services to help growers manage their water usage, including hardware assessment, installation, monthly water budgeting, reporting and can manage your water for you as well.

Our team of experts will evaluate your field(s) to determine the hardware required to achieve the Program’s objectives, and we will install all necessary hardware to ensure optimal performance. We will produce a water budget for your field(s) based on the prior two-year average crop evapotranspiration (ETc) from archived remotely sensed data provided by Agralogics. The budget includes monthly water consumption values for January through December and the total average water consumption for the prior two years.

Our reporting services provide weekly updates during the growing season, providing detailed information on crop water consumption, ETc field uniformity, crop vigor, and more.

Our weekly irrigation schedule provides recommended daily irrigation schedules for the coming week based on a range of parameters, including projected soil infiltration rates, irrigation system application rates, and forecasted weather. In addition, the water infiltration reporting provides a detailed chart of water infiltration depth and rate over time for irrigation and precipitation events.

Irrigation as a Service
Key Benefits

  1. The weekly irrigation schedule (approved by the grower) is uploaded to water management software and the system runs the irrigation schedule.
  2. Farm crews and irrigation districts are notified of the irrigation schedule.
  3. Farm crews monitor the system while running and repair any issues.
  4. AvidWater audits the system once per month.

AvidWater is committed to providing our clients with a comprehensive solution to
optimize crop yield and water consumption.
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