SWIIM includes a comprehensive administration/management tool that verifies water use and related conservation against a specified baseline, along with the resulting newly-projected crop production output. If you need help with equipment install, we can do that for you. 

We have our own team of deployment experts, and also partner with several common equipment providers.  If you already have automation or irrigation scheduling in the field, you may not require new equipment to take advantage of SWIIM’s water balance technology. It can connect seamlessly with already-installed equipment.

SWIIM is not an equipment manufacturer. Rather, SWIIM is “hardware and data agnostic” and is compatible with many commercially-available equipment options, including flow meters, gate meters, tail water sensors, climatic sensors, groundwater instrumentation and supporting infrastructure such as weirs, flumes, stilling wells, and similar technologies. This equipment is connected  via telemetry to SWIIM to provide near-real-time water usage and consumption reports, along with “alarms” if a specific field is going outside the projected/approved water usage, alongside other pre-determined irregularities.

Easy-to-navigate, customized dashboard for optimizing and managing agricultural water rights.

Multi-dimensional combination data sources to provide near real-time confirmation of crop-water budgets.

Used in conjunction with instrumentation to monitor crop-water budgets
more accurately.

An independent, third-party, quality-checked and audited confirmation of crop-water budgets.

Real-time monitoring and verification of your saved water usage and an integrated management tool.

The SWIIM team will consult with the grower to deliver optimized water use and increased profits.

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