Agri-Valley Irrigation and Irrigation Design & Construction, LLC Are Now AvidWater!

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Our Name May Have Changed but our Commitment to you Remains the Same

In 2017 two of the largest irrigation dealers, Agri-Valley Irrigation and Irrigation Design & Construction, LLC merged their businesses. The merged companies supply unparalleled leadership in design, construction, service, and innovative Ag irrigation technology.

Agri-Valley was founded in 1983, and Irrigation Design & Construction, LLC in 2004. They both operate with the philosophy of doing what is right for customers and the industry. As a result, the companies continue to grow daily, providing customers with the best value in the industry.

As these companies worked together over the past five years, it became clear the teams no longer worked as separate entities but as one successful dealer providing innovative solutions to customers. One of the best values of the merger was the synergies of the teams. To honor the teamwork and the rich history Agri-Valley and Irrigation Design and Construction changed its name to AvidWater.

A team of representatives from Agri-Valley and IDC selected the name. It represents both companies and celebrates their rich history while acknowledging the opportunity for more extraordinary solutions for customers due to the merger. AvidWater is excited to show customers the value of one.

California General Engineering Contractors License (Class A, Class B #1034472)

Professional Irrigation Construction & Installation

what we do for you

Irrigation System Design

Each design is prepared to meet the specific project’s needs based on water availability and use requirements.

Irrigation System Construction

By owning our own equipment, we are not at the mercy of a subcontractor’s schedule.  IDC aims to install each project as efficiently as possible and on your schedule.

Precision Irrigation Division

IDC Precision Irrigation focuses on automated irrigation scheduling, environmental controls, fertigation, data logging, and system monitoring.

Agricultural Water Treatment Solutions

Remediation For Fouled Systems And Maintenance Solutions For Keeping Your Micro-Irrigation System Investment Running In Peak Condition.

Irrigation As A Service

All the benefits of the AgTech insights from Water Management Services, plus we do all the irrigation scheduling, managing and monitoring of your irrigation system.

Irrigation Consulting

Certified Irrigation specialists to advise or manage irrigation projects ranging from systems evaluations, DU testing, and energy analysis to yield prediction, technology recommendations, and water budgets/planning

Our Partners

We have several retail locations in the Central and Salinas Valleys to serve our growers. At AvidWater, each project is completed to exceed our customers’ expectations.

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Starting a new project and want to make sure you’re getting the best system for your money? Looking to retrofit an existing greenhouse or grow room? We’ve got you covered every step of the way from design and engineering to construction and installation. 

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