Remote Sensing

Satellite data is automatically gather for your field as frequent as every 8 days, and used to compare against reference ET through SWIIM’s weather station network to confirm actual water consumption on a field-level, as it occurs, in near-real-time.

Water users and managers alike can expand beyond the efficiencies achieved from monitoring water flows through  SWIIM’s use of remote sensing to automatically calibrate in-field instrumentation and regional data acquired through other sources.

This includes satellite-sensed data (two sources) and regionally-acquired weather data. This multi-dimensional combination of technologies is interconnected (field instrumentation with remote sensed data) into an easy-to-use dashboard which allows one to monitor crop water budgets more accurately than has ever been possible before. The remote sensing integration in SWIIM provides for the highest level of accuracy in measurement and control.

Easy-to-navigate, customized dashboard for optimizing and managing agricultural water rights.

Multi-dimensional combination data sources to provide near real-time confirmation of crop-water budgets.

Used in conjunction with instrumentation to monitor crop-water budgets
more accurately.

An independent, third-party, quality-checked and audited confirmation of crop-water budgets.

Real-time monitoring and verification of your saved water usage and an integrated management tool.

The SWIIM team will consult with the grower to deliver optimized water use and increased profits.

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