Once Upon A Time In Irrigation

Once upon a time, Cypress Coast Irrigation, a small agriculture irrigation dealer in the Salinas Valley, found itself in need of some office assistance. Who would have thought that this individual would one day become the President of one of the largest design-build irrigation companies in the country? Me.

Sounds a bit audacious for a young kid to have that mentality, but those familiar with the world of agricultural irrigation understand the necessity for such drive to succeed. It’s not about cockiness, but rather the determination to grow, learn, build a team, and exceed all expectations—not just for the grower or customer, but for oneself.

And here we are today, AvidWater, comprised of individuals from various backgrounds including Irrigation Design and Construction (IDC), Agri-Valley Irrigation (AVI), Jain Irrigation, SWIIM, and some fresh faces as well. Despite our diverse origins, we share the same objectives: to provide the best solutions for our growers, support one another, and propel our industry forward.

Having worked in several aspects of our business from construction & automation installations to design and sales, I know that what we do takes a team to accomplish, and it starts from the top. My new role brings new perspective and more than ever I will need to depend on our team to be successful and lead us into the future.

The agriculture market in California is seeing struggles many of us have never experienced in the past. Higher interest rates, land values, permanent crop commodity pricing, water availability, labor, just to name a few. The importance of what we do is now clearer than ever before.

For the last few years, we’ve been building more diverse offerings with Precision Irrigation, Agronomy, and our retail expansion. Our Precision Irrigation team works on everything from simple systems for outdoor monitoring and control to the most complex indoor greenhouse, vertical farm, and outdoor substrate projects. Our Agronomy team encompasses water treatment solutions, water management services, and industry-leading Irrigation as a Service—just a few more avenues through which we can provide solutions for growers.

The message from the top? We can’t do this alone. It takes the right people and the right team. That we have. Our focus? Customers, each other, and our industry. #AWDOESTHAT


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