Drip Tape & Drip Tape Accessories

What’s your price? It seems that is the only concern when it comes to drip tape these days. The value of the products has gone by the wayside for the chance to seal a big deal, but who is to blame? The grower or end user? The manufacturer? The dealer? The answer – All of […]

5 Ways To Invest In Our Planet

1. Today is Earth Day 2022, and each year agriculture becomes a more critical subject for Earth Day. Today at 10 am PDT or 1 pm EDT, you can watch an Earth Day presentation on Regenerative Agriculture’s Role in Restoring Our Earth. You can find a link here for the presentation.   2. Take the regenerative agriculture quiz. There […]

Pressure Regulation for Indoor Growing Applications

System pressure for indoor irrigation applications is often either overthought or undervalued. When designing irrigation systems knowing the available flow and pressure is critical. One of the most common grower responses we get when asked these questions is, “I have 80 PSI. We have tons of water.” Although this may be true, and pressure directly […]

Irrigation Water Treatment and Reuse

With the increasing water struggles facing growers these days, it is no wonder we see a rise in the demand for water reclamation, treatment, and reuse.

Three Reasons Why I Recommend Dosatron Fertilizer Injectors

Fertigation is not a new term in agriculture, but its popularity has increased dramatically over the past few years for good reasons. The most common form of chemigation, fertigation, is injecting fertilizer directly into the irrigation water. Depending on the growing environment, these systems can be fundamental to extremely complex. From bulk injection using gas-powered […]

6 Irrigation Design Tips for Indoor Grown Cannabis

Establishing an indoor cannabis growing facility comes with several hurdles and obstacles. With regulatory compliance, building permits, licensing, inspectors, and in a lot of cases, investment pressure, it is easy to overlook one of the most critical aspects of the entire process, irrigation. Water is essential for the plants’ growth, and it provides a direct […]

Seeking Irrigation Solutions

This article originally appeared in Irrigation Today. Here is a link to the Irrigation Today article or you can read the full text below. The amount of technology we incorporate into our everyday lives has increased exponentially over the last decade. Our cell phones are no longer simple devices for communication. They have become our […]

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