Unlocking AG Water Treatment Solutions with Cory Broad

During a recent webinar, I had the privilege of discussing AG Water Treatment Solutions with Cory Broad, an expert in the field. There’s a lot to unpack as we explore this increasingly important subject, especially considering the recent shifts in the Californian climate. Cory began by highlighting the significance of AG Water Treatment Solutions, especially […]

Irrigating Strawberries in California: Balancing Efficiency and Flavor

In the golden state of California, strawberries are more than just a summer treat. They play a vital role in the state’s agricultural legacy, representing an intricate dance of producing juicy, flavorful fruits while ensuring efficient water usage. Frank Toves, a noted irrigation expert, shares his insights into this challenging yet rewarding practice, highlighting the […]

Advancing Indoor Growing with Fertigation: A Key to Efficiency and Sustainability

Introduction In recent years, indoor growing has gained immense popularity among growers seeking to enhance crop control and minimize costs. As growers increasingly seek ways to automate their processes, fertigation has become a crucial aspect of indoor growing. In this article, we explore the insights shared in an interview with Frank Toves, an irrigation design […]

Steps For A Successful Water Audit: Maximize Efficiency on Your Farm

Water is a precious resource, and using it efficiently benefits the environment and your farming operations. Conducting a water audit is an essential starting point for reducing water use, saving money on bills, and optimizing your irrigation practices. Here are four steps to take for a successful water audit that helps make the most of […]

5 Steps To Improve Clay Soil

Improve Clay Soil

Growers often complain about steps to improve clay soil and soil with proper management can provide a good foundation for the healthy growth of plants. Clay’s unique properties allow it to hold more nutrients and water than other soil types, so it needs less irrigation and less water. In addition, clay soil particles have a […]

Irrigation 20/20 Brings Vision For The Future

IDC’s very own Jon Topham plays an important role in this video. Irrigation 20/20 is a dialogue with industry leaders to discuss the irrigation industry’s future and the role that the Irrigation Association plays. This webinar, which you can watch for free below, offers an intimate venue with insights from some of the industry’s most […]

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