Navigating Hull Split with Precision: Enhancing Almond Yields through Advanced Tracking

The annual hull split marks a critical juncture for growers in the heart of California’s almond orchards. Hull split, a pivotal physiological phase in almond crop development, unfolds from late June to mid-July, contingent on the variety. While its significance is undeniable, managing this process poses a substantial challenge. However, amidst the complexity lies a solution- a synergy between Water Management Services and technology. By harnessing innovative tools, we empower almond growers to streamline hull split tracking and amplify yields while minimizing risks.

Hull split is a physiological process of crop development in almonds and generally occurs late June through early to mid-July, depending on the variety. Our team is helping Water Management Services customers produce better crops with less risk. We can track growing degree days (GDD) throughout the season/year using technology we deploy in the orchards. This year’s talk is that the hull split is 2-3 weeks “behind schedule” compared to our normal cycle. Looking at data from customer orchards:

Fresno orchard GDD as of 7/31/23 from Jain Logic dashboard
Kern orchard GDD as of 7/31/23 from Jain Logic dashboard
Single season Fresno orchard GDD chart from Jain Logic dashboard as of 7/31/23

The Fresno orchard shows an 11% lower GDD accumulation compared to 2022, and the Kern orchard shows an 8% decrease in GDD accumulation. If we assume a roughly 150-day growing season from March to August:

  • 150 days x 11% decrease = 16.5 days behind “schedule”
  • 150 days x 8% decrease = 12 days behind “schedule”

The marriage of Water Management Services’ expertise with cutting-edge technology revolutionizes how almond growers approach hull split tracking. The precise monitoring of growing degree days through technology deployment in orchards affords growers a refined understanding of their crops’ progression. As whispers circulate about a hull split timeline “behind schedule” this year, our data-driven insights unveil the intricate nuances within customer orchards. These insights and our commitment to excellence equip almond growers with the actionable intelligence they need to navigate hull split intricacies successfully.

As the almond industry continues to evolve, so does our dedication to empowering growers – ensuring that each hull split becomes a strategic milestone on the journey toward bountiful and resilient yields. With a fusion of expertise and technology, we’re redefining how almond growers embrace the hull split – a pivotal chapter in the California almond story.

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7/28/22: NP Fresno
8/2/23: NP Fresno


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