Isla Vista Farms Thrives with AvidWater

Key Statistics:

Grower: Isla Vista Farms
Location: Madera, CA – Sanger, CA – Reedley, CA
Crops: Almonds and Walnuts
Farm Size: 500 acres

At Isla Vista Farms, spread across 500 lush acres of almonds and walnuts, efficient water management is the secret to thriving crops. That’s why the team at Isla Vista has fully embraced drip irrigation, recognizing its pivotal role in boosting production while saving on water and labor.

Since 2000, Isla Vista Farms has partnered with AvidWater for their irrigation needs. Frank Roque, the proud owner of Isla Vista Farms, shares his experience: “AvidWater is my absolute go-to for all things irrigation. Their team, especially the incredibly talented Pete Navarro, has earned my complete trust. The systems they design work like a charm, helping us achieve our best yields throughout the year.”

For Frank, choosing AvidWater was a decision that went beyond just price. He emphasizes, “Opting for the cheaper option isn’t always the wisest move; it can lead to headaches later. With AvidWater, I know I’m investing in outstanding workmanship. Their service is invaluable, and they truly understand what we need.”

Frank is especially appreciative of the designs and installations by AvidWater, noting their importance in a successful drip system. He remarks, “The level of service I get from AvidWater is exceptional. They continue to support us in reaching our optimal performance levels. Their work is first-rate, from welding to design and installation, and their team members are unique. Also, I can always count on AvidWater to be dependable and responsive.”

The “Must Know” Factors:
  • Exceptional service is crucial.
  • AvidWater enables Isla Vista Farms to maximize yields year-round.
  • AvidWater excels in all aspects of their work, from design to installation.


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