2 Key Times Sprinkler Irrigation Makes Sense

Proper planning of your irrigation system and process before you plant makes a difference in your project’s success. From sprinkler pipe rentals for pre-fumigation, pipe rentals for crop germination, and finally, to the irrigation system, IDC has you covered with all the right options.


There are many benefits of using sprinkler pipe for fumigation. The first and foremost benefit is killing nematodes in the soil or any other soil born pests or microbes. This is most important when re-planting a crop (like almonds or walnuts) and following them with the same crop afterward.

From a land prep perspective, sprinklers also play a vital role outside of moisture for fumigation by breaking up any large clods in the field. These clods ultimately leave air pockets in the soil you do not want for new trees. From the pipe rental to complete set up and management of the installation, IDC offers a wide range of solutions to meet any grower’s needs.


For germination, sprinkler irrigation also plays a significant role. Sprinklers with the correctly matched nozzle size for the crop can maximize uniformity in the field. This plays an essential role by not having dry spots in the field, which leads to a higher percentage of germination and higher yields for the grower. 

For crops like garlic, sprinkler pipe will be put out to help in the germination process and run herbicides through the sprinklers before surface drip tape is laid down. Depending on the crop type, the pipe may be kept in the field to germinate or to irrigate all season long.

There is a multitude of options on the sprinklers as well. From aluminum sprinkler pipe to the new Rain-Tite (no leak aluminum pipe) to Certa-Set pipe, IDC covers all the bases to tailor the right sprinkler system to maximize growers’ yields. Depending on your crop type, each option has its place in the irrigation world. Call an IDC rep today to see which pipe option will best suit your needs.


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