Greenhouse Irrigation Systems

We have many years of experience designing and installing greenhouse irrigation systems, greenhouse fertigation systems, environmental control system integrations, and complete greenhouse automation systems.


We provide complete solutions with our team of in-house certified irrigation designers, experienced sales force, detailed installation crews, and hardworking office staff.  We use cutting edge technology to increase the efficiency of your greenhouse irrigation systems, fertigation systems, and environmental inputs.

Pre-Construction Design and Engineering

Our Certified Irrigation Designers can design a system to meet your project requirements.

Greenhouse Retrofitting and System Upgrades

We can help upgrade or enhance your existing greenhouse irrigation system.

Complete Greenhouse Automation Systems

We can automate everything from precision fertilizer applications to irrigation scheduling. 

Fertigation System Installation & Programming

Set multiple fertilizer recipes with up to 10 injection solutions per unit.

Environmental Control System Integration

Control your temperatures, humidity, CO2, lighting, blackout curtains, and more.

Emitterline, Emitter, & Tubing Installation

We install drip irrigation for some of the biggest names in agriculture. 

Overhead Spray Irrigation System Installation

Our overhead sprinkler systems effectively spray water into the air above your crop.

Pump and Well Installation

We have in-house pump specialists and equipment to minimize sub-contractor use.

Pipeline Design & Installation

We own various types of excavaction equipment, trenches, tractors, etc.

We use cutting edge technology to increase the efficiency of your greenhouse irrigation system

Increase Your Bottom Line

Our greenhouse irrigation systems increase efficiency, crop yield, and profitability.

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Starting a new project and want to make sure you’re getting the best system for your money? Looking to retrofit an existing greenhouse or grow room? We’ve got you covered every step of the way from design and engineering to construction and installation. 

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