Agri-Valley Irrigation and Irrigation Design & Construction Are Now AvidWater

The Name Changed But The Commitment To Customers Remains The Same

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA, MAY 01, 2023 – In 2017, two of the largest irrigation dealers, Agri-Valley Irrigation, Inc. (AVI) and Irrigation Design & Construction, Inc. (IDC) were part of an industry-changing vertical integration merger with Jain Irrigation, Inc. The merged companies supply unparalleled leadership in design, construction, service, equipment, and innovative Ag irrigation technology with the widest reach in California.

As a result of the global merger between Rivulis and Jain Irrigation’s international irrigation business, it became possible for two of the three largest irrigation manufacturing entities to globally combine and made it so AVI and IDC could now fully and formally merge their entities.

As AVI and IDC worked together over the past six years, it became clear that the teams no longer worked as separate entities but as one successful dealer providing innovative solutions and exceptional customer service. One of the best values of the merger was the synergies of the teams. To honor the teamwork and the rich history, AVI and IDC changed their name to AvidWater.

A joint team of representatives from AVI and IDC selected the name. It represents both companies and celebrates their rich history while acknowledging the opportunity for more extraordinary solutions and services for customers due to the merger. AvidWater is excited to show customers the value of one.

According to Aric Olson, CEO of AvidWater, “We have some excellent opportunities for our customers and employees. Our service offerings are expanding. While they still include automation, water treatment, pump, electrical, concrete, and rental, we’ll immediately be adding water management services (daily irrigation scheduling using the start of the art technologies), irrigation consulting, and industry 圼rsts – irrigation as a service (we’ll run the irrigation system for the grower), and an irrigation climate program. The climate program helps customers create climate credits through smart water management practices they can sell on the open market generating another source of income for growers.“

In conclusion, the global merger between Rivulis and Jain Irrigation Inc. allowed AVI and IDC to formally merge and create AvidWater, a company that offers unparalleled leadership in design, construction, service, equipment, and innovative Ag irrigation technology. The synergy between the teams has resulted in expanding service offerings, including irrigation consulting, daily irrigation scheduling, irrigation as a service, and an irrigation climate program. AvidWater is excited to continue providing innovative solutions and services to customers and looks forward to showcasing the value of its one-team approach.


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