PM Group AQUA PE Layflat Hose with start connector


Braided layflat hose perfect for low pressure applications in industrial and irrigation industries. It is specifically desinged for DRIP applications.

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Product Description

Applications: Low pressure drip irrigation & dewatering light gravel or mud discharge, construction, industrial, agriculture & marine service industries

Construction: 3-Ply Polyester Yarns. Both tube and cover are extruded simultaneously to obtain maximum bonding.

Working Temperature: -21ºC to 70 ºC

For liability purposes, if temperature exceeds 45°C the working pressure will go down.

Technical Specifications

  • Perfect connection polyester yarn by high technology
  • Environment friendly raw materials / free of industrial waste.
  • UV coating provides long lasting life
  • Decreases stretching when exposed to pressure.
  • Anti-delamination, anti-expansion, anti-elongation, anti-torsion system
  • Perfect for irrigation and water transportation.
  • Stretching resistant traction resistant.
  • Perfect adhesion between layers.
  • Flat hose on fiexible pvc impregnated in the textile polyester sock, with only one layer.
  • Single layer at hose manufactured with anti-delamination system and with reinforced traction capacity.
  • Color: light blue
  • Packaging: PE Shrinkage film or box only when the at hose is supplied with fittings.
  • Does not contain carcinogenic DOP





Additional Information

size, start connector distance

4" AQUA Layflat 328' w/start connectors at 38", 4" AQUA Layflat 328' w/start connectors at 40", 4" AQUA Layflat 328' w/start connectors at 60", 4" AQUA Layflat 328' w/start connectors at 80", 6" AQUA Layflat 328' w/start connectors at 40", 6" AQUA Layflat 328' w/start connectors at 60", 6" AQUA Layflat 328' w/start connectors at 80"


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