Octa Bubblers are widely used by indoor growers and in controlled environment agriculture for growing cannabis.

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Product Description

The Jain Octa Bubbler is the leading choice for drought tolerant landscapes and indoor grow rooms.

Octa-bubblers (sometimes referred to as octabubblers or octa bubblers) are pressure compensating drip manifolds designed to distribute consistent amounts of water through each port, even in the event of pressure fluctuations.

Jain Irrigation Octa-Bubblers are the same Pepco Octa-Bubblers the landscape industry knows and loves. This pressure compensating manifold is a popular 8-port solution for many retrofit applications. The Jain Octa-Bubbler allows installers to customize flow ports with interchangeable inserts, maximizing flow control. If port(s) are not needed, installers can use Port Plugs (P/N).

The octa-bubbler can be paired with 1/4 inch tubing or emitter line for water distribution.

Common Octa Bubbler Uses

  • Spray to Drip Conversions: Ideal for converting sprinkler system to low flow because octa bubblers apply the exact amount of water plants need when sprinkler zones are operating.
  • Indoor Grow Houses: Economical, easy-to-install, and the perfect solution for growers who rely on even application of water and nutrients to each plant.
  • Color Beds: Octa bubblers are the perfect solution for shrub islands between turf and lawns, trees, flowers and ground cover planting beds.

Octa Bubbler Features

  • 8-Port Pressure Compensating Manifold
  • Removable diaphragm for easy maintenance
  • Optional port plugs for unused ports
  • Suitable for retrofitting zones
  • Interchangeable color-coded flow control inserts
  • For installation above grade, in a Bubbler Box or in a greenhouse
  • Color-coded Flow ID
  • Port elbows swivel 90 degrees
  • Manufactured with UV & sunlight resistant, chemical resistant non corrosive plastic material for stable performance
  • Precision moulded liquid silicone rubber diaphragm ensures pressure compensation, uniform water application and long lasting high quality performance

Filtration Requirements

Minimum filtration is 150 mesh. In addition to filtration, control of algae and bacterial slime growth and control of chemical precipitates should be taken into consideration.

Unsure of how many octa-bubblers you need for your application?

Contact us and we’ll help you with your design.


Octa Bubbler Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips

Additional Information

Flow Rate

10 GPH, 2 GPH, 20 GPH, 6 GPH


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